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Mycoplasma Detection & Removal

Mycoplasma Detection & Removal

Detect and Eliminate Mycoplasma Contamination from your Valuable Cell Culture Samples

One challenge in dealing with mammalian cell culture is infection due to mycoplasma contamination. These simple bacteria can infect cell cultures and alter a variety of cellular characteristics and functionalities (metabolism, morphology, proliferation etc.) often leading to experimental artifacts and cell loss. It is essential to detect for the presence of mycoplasma in cell cultures and remove it effectively, without compromising cell viability. MP Bio is pleased to announce the launch of two new kits for high sensitivity detection of mycoplasma: the Myco-Sniff Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit, and Myco-Sniff-Valid Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit. Both kits simplify testing and detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures, ensuring:

  • High sensitivity (as low as 10 CFU/mL)
  • Wide detection range of mycoplasma species
  • Premixed components for ease-of-use
  • Quality control with inclusion of  positive and negative controls
  • High specificity, with no interference of animal or bacterial DNA
  • Fast detection speed - as little as 3 hours
  • Elimination of cross-contamination with inclusion of 8-MOP

The time-tested Hoechst Staining Kit for mycoplasma detection offers the following advantages:

  • Reliable: Use of the Hoechst fluorescent stain method cited by the Tissue Culture Association (TCA procedure no.75361)
  • Efficient: It specifically and selectively binds to the minor grooves of DNA
  • Versatile: In situ detection of mycoplasma and other prokaryotic organisms
  • Rapid: Takes less than 2 hours
  • Complete: Stain, diluent, and mounting medium with controls included in the kit

Once Mycoplasma has been detected, treat infected cell cultures with Mycoplasma Removal Agent (MRA). MRA is the most reliable solution for mycoplasma removal and prevention, ensuring quality results (as shown in the figure), including:

  • Elimination of multiple mycoplasma species within one week using the lowest dosage
  • Prevention of culture recontamination at 0.1 µg/mL
  • Maintenance of cell viability
  • Compatibility with most mammalian cell lines
  • Sterility and low cytotoxicity
  • Citation and recognition in 550+ scientific publications